Shannon Water and Sanitation District (SWSD)Neighborhood wild turkey meets resident cat strives to ensure that no qualified individual will be excluded or denied benefits of its services, programs, or activities based upon a disability.

the SWSD website is built on the Colorado's Statewide Internet Portal Authority (SIPA) platform at colorado.gov.  All sites on the Colorado.gov platform comply with most commonly recognized accessibility features (such as color contrast, keyboard navigation, etc).  The district is also in the process of reviewing our specific site content and layout with the intent to make updates as needed to improve improve accessibility to individuals with disabilities.

Please visit https://sipa.colorado.gov/i-want-to/learn-more/accessibility to learn more about the accessibility standards established pursuant to section 24-85-103, C.R.S., and the Colorado Department of Information Technology (OIT) rules for technology accessibility standards.  

The District will provide reasonable modifications to information and communication technology for qualified persons with disabilities so that they have full and equal access when needed.  A person seeking a reasonable modification to the District’s processes or seeking to report inaccessible digital products and communications may contact the District as follows:

Contact Person:  Kelly Close

Via Telephone:   ‪(720) 924-6161‬

Via Email:           info@shannonwater.org