SWSD Payments and Fees

SWSD Payment Portal (PayPort):

Pay Online


Pay online with an e-check (bank transfer) or credit card, using the SWSD Online PayPort.  A $1 fee is charged for e-check payments.  Credit Card payments incur a 2.25% fee + $0.75.

Your water bill may be paid by:

  • check
  • e-check
  • credit card

Paper checks should be mailed to 1400 Wicklow St, Boulder, CO 80303Please be sure to indicate your Lot number on your check.

Pay Online!  See the "FAQ - PayPort" document below for more information on the online payment portal. 

Going on vacation?  You can pre-pay your water bill!  See the "FAQ - Pre-pay Instructions" document below for more information.

Duplicate water bills can be mailed to person(s) other than the property owner if the owner has filled provided to the District a Duplicate Billing Authorization Form.  This form can be found in the documents below.

The owner of the property is still responsible for the water bill and will still be mailed their monthly water bill, and must submit a new form with new information if it changes.

See the "Duplicate Billing Notice" document below for more details.

Monthly Water Bill charges are calculated as follows:

  • Base Rate + (Usage * Use Rate)

The current Base Rate and Use Rates, as well as other fees that may be charged in various situations, can be found in the "FEE SCHEDULE" document below.

Please note:

  • Fees and water use are the responsibility of each property owner. 
  • Bills are mailed to the property owner of record only, unless a Duplicate Billing Authorization Form has been submitted.
  • Theft of water is a prosecutable offense.

   How is your water use determined?

Water delivered to each Shannon Estates home is measured, in gallons, by a water meter on your property.  The meter is read each month by Shannon Water District staff and this reading is used to calculate your water bill for the month, by subtracting the new reading from the last reading.

It's very important to keep your meter clear and accessible so that your bill can be calculated accurately

Click HERE to LEARN MORE about your water meter.

If the meter cannot be accessed, you will be charged the base rate only for that month.  Charges for actual use will be based on the next meter reading able to be collected and appear on the bill following that reading.