Your Water Meter

Water delivered to each Shannon Estates home is measured, in gallons, by a water meter on your property.  This meter is read each month by Shannon Water District staff and this reading is used to calculate your water bill for the month, by subtracting the new reading from the last reading.

Where is my meter?  Who is responsible for it?

While SWSD maintains the water meters themselves, it is the homeowner's responsibility to ensure this meter is accessible! 

  • Please keep an eye on your water meter - Contact Becky Sulka to learn where it is if you don't know.
  • Keep it clear of snow, leaves, dirt, rocks, grass, etc.
  • Ensure the lid is secure so debris doesn't fall into the meter pit, but that the lid can be removed if necessary.
  • Be sure it can be easily accessed at all times - do not enclose it behind a locked gate, or park on top of it.
  • If your meter is within a fenced area, please be sure there is a gate that SWSD staff can use to get to your meter, and understand that they will need to enter your fenced area occasionally to access the meter. 

What if the meter can't be accessed or read?

If the meter cannot be accessed, you will be charged the base rate only for that month.  Charges for actual use will be based on the next meter reading able to be collected and appear on the bill following that reading.